21 Die In Masvingo Bus Accident

New Zimbabwe reports that 21 people were killed early Monday and dozens more injured after a bus overturned near Ngundu in Masvingo Province.

A ZBC radio report said survivors had told investigators that the driver of the Beitbridge-bound Mega-Link bus had been speeding when he lost control of the bus at a curve and it careered off the highway and rolled over. The driver is reported to be among the dead.

Ten bodies were recovered moments after the crash and fire-fighters battled until day-break to reach 15 other passengers who were trapped following the accident on the highway between Masvingo and Beitbridge.

Eleven of the trapped passengers were confirmed dead after the emergency responders finally cut through the body of the bus.

Police said the injured were being treated at Ngundu Clinic and Masvingo General Hospital.

Over Easter road accidents killed an estimated 49 people. At this rate government need to consider putting in place a strong deterrent to discourage speeding on Zimbabwean roads because things are kind of getting out of hand.

Our thoughts are with those who lost their loved ones and those that were injured.

We will keep you updated on this tragedy.

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    they need to post more police officers on the road, not necessarily roadblocks; but just have them every like 50km.