13 Die On Harare-Bindura Road

At least 13 people were killed and eight others injured On Friday when a commuter bus was involved in an accident along the Harare-Bindura road.

The accident occurred when the driver lost control of the vehicle following a tyre burst and crushed into a tree about 50km from Harare.

The bus was carrying members of Vadzidzi Apostolic Church sect travelling from Dzivarasekwa and Warren Park in Harare for a church gathering at Gowora in Madziwa.

Those injured were taken to Concession Hospital and hospitals in Harare.

Road safety has become a cause of concern in Zimbabwe with deaths occuring often around the country.

What irks us is that premature deaths in Zimbabwe are something we have somehow learnt to accept. Whether the deaths are due to road accidents or diseases which could have been prevented or cured.

Zimbabweans somehow seem to accept the way things are, we simply bury the dead and keep moving on as if as if nothing happened…

It is indeed a sad state of affairs and one day we hope that Zimabweans will realise that certain things are not meant to be the way they are.

Our thoughts are with those that have lost their loved ones in this tragedy.

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