12 Year-Old Claims Consensual Sex With Five Men

In a shocking statutory rape case, a 12 year-old has claimed consensual sex with five men in their twenties.

A magistrate convicted and fined two of the men $200 while the others remain in custody.

In some shocking revelations the main accused, Nyasha Kaitano, claimed he was in love with the minor. The minor claimed Kaitano was her boyfriend.

Sorry we are trying to get our heads round this.

So this dude who is 22 claims he is in love with a girl who is 12. Like, what do you talk about with a 12 year-old? What do you have in common? What do you share? The little girl doesn’t know what she is talking about so we won’t talk much about her, but this 22 year-old. Ah yas.

So anyway, yes, this girl in court quite happily admitted not only having sex with 2 other men. Earlier on she had told the police of an additional 2 men.

This is too weird.

Anyway, she claims some of them were one-night stands. What is a dude, one Victor Lemon aged 22, doing hooking up with a 12 year-old. What are you doing?

We can’t blame the parents because they are dead. Apparently she goes to Group A school so she has some level of exposure.

We blame the music and the TV which is over-sexed. Even some of the music that makes it onto public radio in Zimbabwe is a bit disgusting and should not be listened to by minors.

This raises a new question. How old are kids these days having their first sexual experience. It is pretty obvious to say this poor child has probably been at it for a bit. Now it is just plain scary.

We hope they lock these guys up and lose the key for a bit. She is only 12. How you can even justify that…


With Information from The Herald