Police Sieze $100k Worth Of Cocaine In Bulawayo

Two men have been appeared in court in Bulawayo over a $103,000 drugs bust carried out by the police.

The two men were caught via a tip-off in which the pair had planned to sell 2kg worth of cocaine.

A lawyer for one of the men, Elasto Mugwadi says he will plead guilty to possession with intention to sell. Truman Adam, the second man claims he was simply asked to carry a bag and he was not sure what was in it.

The pair are out of custody on bail and will appear in court on 8 August.

What you always wonder however is how much of these hard drugs are getting through? You always hear about people who are cocaine users in the clubs around Harare and we are pretty sure there are a significant amount of them. There was a rumour at some point that a club in the northern suburbs facilitated the sale of cocaine and Ecstasy among other drugs.

You wonder how big a problem drugs are in this country really.