10 Year-Old Girl Missing

Tanyardzwa Juma, a 10 year-old from Chitungwiza has been reported missing.

She went missing after an electricity blackout yesterday around 7pm. She was last seen at a borehole near her parents’ home located at Number 12207 Chimoio Street in Zengeza 4.

Tanyaradza is shy, light in complexion and slim with short hair. She was last seen wearing a yellow T-shirt and black skirt.

Anyone  with information can contact her mother Esilda Jaiwa on 0778 235 485, 0778202352, or Ms Netsai Jaiwa on 0772 430 584, 0772204302.

The matter has been reported to the police. We hope the little girl is fine. It is a bit disturbing that she went missing after a power blackout. A lot of rather disconcerting things have been happening linked to ZESA negligence. While children going missing can happen at the best of times, when put into this context, it becomes a lot scarier. Could kidnappers then start seeing blackouts as an opportunity?

Still, we hope she is fine.

Source: The Herald

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