Zororo Makamba Donates To Orphans In Hatcliffe

Radio personality and broadcaster Zororo Makamba on Friday paid school fees for a number of boys and girls at Tichakunda School in Hatcliffe. He also donated uniforms, exercise books and other stationery to the students.

Zoror oMakamba donates to orphans

Zoror oMakamba donates to orphans

Tichakunda School takes in orphans from Grade One up to Form Four. Some of the children live at the school while others live with relatives in the community.

The school currently has an enrolment of 625 students. It also has an early childhood development (ECD) division that has 339 children enrolled.

School headmaster Charles Masaraure expressed his gratitude for the donation by Mr Makamba.

“We are very thankful to Mr Makamba for the donation. He donated stationery, uniforms, shoes as well as tracksuits for our children here and left money for school fees for some of them,” said Mr Masaraure.

Mr Masaraure said he hoped other people would emulate Mr Makamba and make similar donations to the school. He said the school’s greatest need at the moment was food and blankets for those who lived at the school as well as those who lived away.

Mr Makamba encouraged other people, particularly his colleagues in the media and entertainment industry, to also consider the plight of the children at Tichakunda School and help where they can.

He said there was still more that needed to be done at the school to improve the situation there.

“The children at Tichakunda School all need our help, particularly this winter where a donation of blankets and other items will go a long way in assisting them,” he said.

Mr Makamba said apart from blankets the school also had a shortage of fuel for its generator and batteries to boost the inverter. The school has no electricity.

Last month Mr Makamba made another donation to Pagejo raRuby, a farm school in Acturus, and helped raise money needed to pay for waste removers to empty the Blair toilets there that were full up and could not be used by the pupils any more.

“The importance of education can never be overemphasised. These children have a right to education like everyone else and I believe it is our responsibility as a community to give them the opportunity that everyone else has had.

“I believe all of us have the capacity to do something for them or for others in the same predicament. Just one blanket this winter will mean a lot to someone in need,” Mr Makamba said.


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