Pole Dancer Zoey Has Shorts Pulled Down On Stage In Bulawayo

Raunchy pole dancer Zoey, rival to the hugely popular Bev had her batty rider shorts pulled down by a patron during a set.

She was performing at Hustler’s Night Club’s 12th Anniversary this weekend when she invited an eager patron onto the stage. Zoey then assumed a sexual position with him in which she says she accidentally pulled down his underwear when her shoes got caught in his trousers and undergarments.

When she stood up he proceeded to pull down her shorts much to the excitement of the crowd. The man was escorted off stage by security.

Apparently Zoey was unfazed by whole thing.

Seems as if pole-dancing is the rage in Bulawayo with Zoey and Bev each making separate trips to the city to entertain revelers a couple of times a month.

Zoey is widely regarded as the founder of pole dancing in Zimbabwe. She mentored Bev.

Anytime from now, we expect strip clubs.

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