Zodwa Wabantu is coming to Bulawayo

Controversial South African socialite Zodwa Wabantu is set for her Zimbabwe debut this end of July when she parties at  Club Connect in Bulawayo.

Zodwa Wabantu

The socialite has made the news loads and bends with her extravagant dancing after gaining popularity dancing at places such as eYadini in South Africa.

Zodwa Wabantu will show her moves off in Bulawayo

Zodwa’s stock has risen in recent years with people making an effort to catch her unguarded dance moments, angles that show her pantie-less. And she says:

Underwear makes me uncomfortable. I don’t feel sexy when I’m wearing panties. It’s a preference. And people should deal with it.

Entertainment will be provided by T-Bass, Crazy Black and Kead at the party on Saturday 29 July 2017.

So we know what we will be up to come end of month.

And it is not for research purposes.