Zimbo Josh Ansley talks The Voice SA audition and saying poephol on TV

Zimbabwean Josh Ansley is in the final of The Voice South Africa season 2.

And it has been a memorable experience.

We had an exclusive chat with the Lomagundi Hgh School graduate and this is the first part of it.

3-mob.com: How did you decide to get in on The Voice SA (we know you hate auditions)
Josh Ansley: Well I first heard about it just before Season 1 started. I was in the Barnyard circuit at the time and of course we all heard about it and were talking about it but I had actually been scouted ( fast tracked ) already by Bobby himself as his bassist ( Leon ) had done a Journey Tribute show with me and spoken to Bobby about me. When the auditions came around I was able to skip the queues and was given an exact time to go and audition for the musical director. I went through that audition and was preparing to do my Blind Audition for Season 1 when I actually realised that the show would require of me for 3 weeks. I had to withdraw from Season 1 as i was like as I said, on the Barnyard Circuit and didn’t want to burn bridges. Besides, I really needed the money. So at the end of my contracts in 2015 I left the stable work at the Barnyard and started freelancing again so that I would have the freedom to audition again for Season 2. I was fast tracked again into Season 2, went through my first audition, got the call back to prepare for my Blind Audition and … here we are!

3-mob.com: How did you choose the first song?
Josh Ansley: Well, to be honest it wasn’t my first choice. I wanted to do my blind audition with the song I sang in the Knockout Round ( Whats Up – 4 Non Blondes ) but James (the MD) wasn’t keen on that because two people somehow had managed to both sing it for the Blinds in Season 1 and neither went through. So, the next on the list that after Whats Up I sent in in alphabetical order was AC/DC’s, Shook Me All Night Long. When James called me up saying “Shook Me, I love it!” I was like…. oooooookay, lets do that then. Happy we did!

VIDEO: Josh Ansley rocks The Voice SA audition

3-mob.com: And when Bobby chose you, what did you feel?
Josh Ansley: That whole blind audition experience was terrifying and exhilarating! It was like trying to perform whilst bungee jumping or something to that effect. When i saw Bobby’s chair turn i was trying to reason with myself and be like,” Ok you’re in, breathe and sing”… then just before Lira turned I forgot my words… You might not be able to tell because i somehow managed to fake it pretty well. Then when Kahn and Karen turned at the same time i had had my eye’s closed and opened them to see i had a 4 chair turn … you can hear me “Woooing” exuberantly on the recording… that wasn’t part of what i practiced at all… that was me going “holy crap it, I , 4, people, coaches… omfg, WOOOOO!” 😀

3-mob.com: What was the most memorable moment in the show?
Josh Ansley: In the blind audition? i dunno, the blind audition is a blur of a memory but i think when Karen split her sides at my comment of my poephol eating my kidney it broke the ice really well. I’ve literally had people call me their hero for saying the word poephol on TV.

The second part of the interview is up tomorrow (Wednesday)

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