Zimbabwean Musician Married To Nigerian Without Her Consent

A Zimbabwean musician Theresa Mavhima also known as T27 has lived through a nightmare over the last year after a Nigerian man with whom she was briefly involved with married her without her consent.

In something out of a comic book,  Innocent Nwaolisa  married Mavhima without he consent and then proceeded to also wed  Shiella Chikovore  under the name  Olisa Anayo Chukwu. Mavhima’s marriage was in 2002 while that of Chikovore’s one was in 2004.

Nwaolisa had been deported in 2002 and it is not clear how he got back. In something of a shocker he was arrested at some point with two  driver’s licenses with the same photo and different names. Worse, when Mavhima tried to prosecute him for the fake marriage the case was thrown out in spite of evidence of some sort of shenanigans  on his part.

The Nigerian embassy has then said that the two names belong to the same man and he has dual identities, one being his traditional name and the other being another name. Even if that is true the fact that he was deported initially and then proceeded to have two identities should have raised some serious credibility questions about his character.

Meanwhile Mavhima has been told to appeal to the high court to have the marriage annulled.

Home Affairs C0-Minister Theresa Makone has weighed in and said that she will have the person concerned expelled from the country within 24 hours.

We will see if that happens.