Zim Hip Hop Awards Disappointing

Last night I got to witness an event which was at some point no likely to take place , the 2012 Zim Hip Hop Awards.

The event is in its second year and people bore a lot of expectations, given the tickets were going for $20 for VIP and $10 for the rest of the auditorium.


The show started two and a half hours late, frustrating revelers right from the very beginning of the event. After the ‘long wait’ Crimson Blu and a male vocalist belted out the National Anthem  and the pair put on a  very below-par performance. Disappointing!

Just after opening remarks by Master of Ceremony J Boss, award presentations followed. The list of winners can be found by clicking here.

The Guest of Honour,  the Minister of Media and Information Publicity, Cde Webster  Shamu, showed great passion for the art industry by coming out together with his wife to support the Zimbabwean youth doing Hip Hop music. He saluted all artists for being passionate about their music and encouraged them to work hard in keeping their dreams alive.

The major highlight of the evening however was the presence of the mother  of night’s biggest winner, Synik. She was there to celebrate her son’s achievements as he scooped three awards out of the four nominations.  His mother showed Zimbabwe that parents can walk tall and stand proud supporting their children doing music. Minister Shamu gave special mention to her, called her up on stage and thanked her for being a wonderful, supporting mother. He encouraged other parents to not write off their musician children as destitute as  the music industry can be quite viable and a source of livelihood  as well as something to celebrate in the family.  We salute Synik’s mother for taking time to cheer on her son.

However, some ‘highlights’ turned out to be quite negative and pronounced. The event was a good six hours long (the 2 and a half hour delay + the event itself). To garnish this awfully long show, the microphones frequently gave problems for the MC’s.

Now, in this country we call Zimbabwe, we were out to celebrate Zimbabwean Hip Hop artists. Amazingly enough, none of the deejays on decks bothered to celebrate local music – well not that much. Over 90% of what the crowd got was international (in fact, American ) music. This year in particular saw more artists than ever release great party songs but to my amusement and dismay, there was almost nothing local playing. It is only later that one person remembered their identity and played about just three local songs (snippets to be precise!)

Artists billed to perform were not all that entertaining to the crowd –  mic and sound system issues aside. Only the Anti  Virus dance group act really lit up the 7Arts theatre. It is a shame.

For a Zim HIP HOP awards ceremony,  the night saw two major awards going to urban groovers, Maskiri for Best Male artist and Stunner for People’s choice awards. I believe these two deserve NAMA and ZIMA awards where their type of music they do is categorized.

People had a lot of grievances over winners in the following categories , Best Video , Best Male Female Award, Best Song , Best Male Artist and hilariously enough, the People’s choice award. Talking about or commenting on this will take me weeks so I am going to leave it like that for there are a lot of concerns to pay attention to.

The night’s greatest disappointment was the absence of the promised appearances by Zeus and Kol Produk. I personally thought these two acts were the reason behind this year’s ticket fees but alas, none of them came. Zeus indicated on his twitter that the organisers were shady and highly disorganised resulting in him pulling out. As for Kol Produk, i don’t have an explanation as yet. Did any one of the organisers bother to give people an explanation for this? A big fat no! Zimbabwe, we have been cheated !!

The general mood at the event was not exciting enough as there were more things to complain about than to be happy about by the crowd, especially with respect to how it happened. For someone who has been to different awards ceremonies and witnessed some on television, The Second Annual Zim Hip Hop awards ceremony was  just a GLORIFIED  PRACTICAL  JOKE!


Written by Bars263’s Mariann Mhlanga (twitter: @datmarianndage)

  • hahahahah!!!! Way too brutal but it had to be said ya’ll, it had to be said.

  • deejay

    for all those at the show i was the dj and i played zim music but remixed to my liking!!!! So american,etc is just plain nonsense and ridiculous…..get your facts right peoples!

    • Hmmm…

    • Ey “deejay”, i was a deejay too in high school , and though it ain’t as big a platform as the one you operate on, i know that when playin music you do not play “to your liking”. You play in accordance with the occassion. Zim Hip Hop Awards and you play international music,does that make sense to you?

    • Kolo

      That makes you a crap DJ then, if your selection policies do not reflect the nature of the event. The Zim Hip Hop should have nothing to do with America, its a night to celebrate Zim Hip Hop and nothing else. I thought a DJ would know this, what’s your DJ name anyway so we know not to book you next time?

  • moyaz

    so u r trying to tell us kuti just becoz maskiri & stunner rap in shona they are not hip hop???makutijairira manje.whetheru like or nor those 2 r the definition of zimhiphop & their fanbase & album sales more than double emasalad rappers amunogara muchipromoter..asvotwa ngaarutse!!

    • It has nothing to do with language. It has to do with what some term hip hop culture, the existence of hip hop as a genre of its own much the same way it pulled away from simply being RnB when it was still at its birth.

      Don’t get it twisted

      • Rus

        dude what is hip hop? Rap music that u like?

    • The culture of hip hop is diverse..but hey ,it’s quite tricky , the issue here.

  • Mike

    i thnk the assesment is fair. the awards were bound to turn out bad. these guys were invited in 2011 and saw the potential and decided to ursurp the awards in 2012. they designed the awards to glorify themselves and not to celebrate the genre. I have respect for the nominations and even the winners because i believe they are all deserving but i feel they have been put to disrepute by these selfish organisers who used the artistes good names for self actualisation. next year beefy, xndr and crew should not be allowed anywhere near the awards. DJ Munya and team have been supporting hiphop pretty hard and they attended the awards hoping for a good show but they were treated to this crap..

  • Mcpotar

    The people voted so power to the people. Maskiri and Stunner are hip-hop, because hip-hop is a genre and culture built by elements which are represented in their rap. Hip-hop is not always about revolution , freedom and blaming the system. Some people relate to what they talk about, because some people care about bling and parties, so it’s relevant. I personally like “substance” but some people don’t, but it’s still hip-hop. If the award show held a democratic process and someone campaigned well on twitter and they get airplay…. they win. 2ndly, BET holds Hip-hop awards in which an R’n’B artist can feature, e.g Alicia Keys can feature with Jay-Z…. Nox happens to be affilliated with Maskiri. Let’s not hate on efforts to elevate Zimbabwean Hip-hop, because prior to this movement no one made the initiative. I don’t know who runs this stuff but I think proper journalism would have been interviewing them beforeposting a personal opinion on a news blog, because it’s not about what we an d our friends feel about a certain thing. Let’s interview the people we blog about before running an opinion.