ZiFM Goes Live

Zimbabwe’s first privately-owned commercial radio station has gone live.

The station owned by businessman Supa Mandiwanzira had been running test broadcasts over the past two weeks but from midday on Wednesday is now live, kicking off with the national anthem of Zimbabwe.

The station joins StarFM as the second station to be registered outside official state media since independence in 1980.

The station will mainly be an entertainment station and has attracted some prominent music and TV personalities, some of whom will host talk shows.

The station will start streaming online in 2 weeks.

They say radio will never be the same again.

Disappointed that the first song played on the station was not Zimbabwean though. The first song was Beyonce’s Countdown. Neither was the second song.

We’ll give them time.

Congratulations to Supa and his team for the launch. This stuff ain’t easy.