ZBC Stifling Creativity In Its New Directive

In its new directive the state broadcaster ZBC has stepped into a new realm after apparently creating new content guidelines for music that will be shown on its channel.

Rapper-presenter Prometheus was quoted in The Zimbabwean as saying this:

When shooting your video, you need to make sure you do not display any recognisable commercial logos, eg Reebok, Nike, Spar, O.K, Mazda. This is viewed as passive advertising and is not acceptable. Make sure there is no lewd dressing, suggestive dancing, graphic displays of violence or sexual acts.

Video depicting pot-holes, sewage flowing streams, rampant unemployment or any form of political commentary is likely not to be played.

We looked at the date a we thought it was a late rerun of an April Fools’ Day joke but then we remembered that Tehn Diamond’s video for the smash hit Happy was suddenly nixed by the state broadcaster.

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ZBC wants to stifle creativity in new directivepioforsky / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Look, we can begrudgingly the passive advertising part, so videos can be shot and then brands blurred out for the TV version. Only recently has product placement become a thing in the UK so it is not as if the ban though we think it can be handled in a different way is that awful.

However, telling people how they should dance, script and shoot their videos is the state broadcaster stepping into a realm they have not business even breathing in.  Then telling people that videos that depict real life cannot be accepted is just plain ridiculous.

The people who need that content the most won’t get it. We are no fans of anarchy but if the regulations are as tight as they are reported to be then we have a big problem. All you will have on TV are praise-singers who will put the nation to sleep.

Muzzling and stifling creativity will not stop it. As it stands artists like Lady Bee and the aforementioned Tehn Diamond have done fairly well by using channels like YouTube and even DSTv to get their work out there. Instead of bringing these people into the mainstream, alienating them some more will simply encourage radicalisation.

It’s similar to the way leadership across the board in Zimbabwe tends towards exclusion. It opens up opportunity for foreign countries to come in and close that gap through so-called non-called . Of course what they teach will be agenda-based.

But that’s what you get when you exclude people.