ZBC is a commercial station – Charamba

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation has ceased to be a government entity and now functions as a commercial station, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, George Charamba as been reported as saying.

Charamba says that the change has come as the state no longer gives the entity grants and so the rules that govern parastatals no longer affect it.

The article in the ZBC said:

Responding to queries on how the ZBC should conduct itself as a public entity during a stakeholders dialogue on the election resource center petition on parliament, Cde Charamba took the opportunity to educate Zimbabweans on how the state broadcaster has since ceased to be a government parastatal after it was commercialised.

The corporation now focuses on activities of a commercial interest.

It should make for an interesting debate for those who feel the organisation is a public broadcaster. In this article on its site, it refers to itself as a ‘state broadcaster‘.

Interesting times.

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