ZAR Lounge To Bring Chris Brown To Zimbabwe This December?

So ZAR Lounge is opening its doors in Zimbabwe by end of this year.

Chris Brown in Zimbabwe this December?

Yes, Kenny ‘DJ Sushi Mix’ Kunene will bring his indulgence and decadence to Harare. It is thanks to a deal they have made with businessman Wicknell Chivayo – yes, the same Wicknell mentioned by Maneta Mazanhi in the Big Brother StarGame house.

One of Kunene’s partners Gayton Mackenzie was quoted as saying that they hoped to bring in US star Chris Brown to the opening.¬†Previously, Kunene together with McKenzie presented the ZAR Fest at Harare’s Borrowdale Racecourse where American singers Lil Kim, Fat Joe, DJ Scratch and Ciara performed.

Speculation is rife that ZAR could be located at Joina City. We are sure the other clubs won’t be too excited. Expect to see the ballers to love this.

  • Mkoma Wa Dean Eric Khumalo

    i am sure izvi hazvisi kuzoitika ….pasangana mbavha dzega dzega apa and from experiance common to lla of them matsotsi haagerani

  • zimbo

    this ppl just wanna lie to us manyepo ega ega… the things ppl do to drum up publicity