Zambezi News Season 2 To Launch In June

The second season of explosive, provocative straight-to-DVD-Youtube comedy, Zambezi News will kick off this coming June.

Zambezi News Season 2

Zambezi News Season 2 is almost here

According to the Executive Producer of the series, Samm ‘Comrade Fatso’ Monro:

[Season 2 will be] even more explosive, daring and off the wall than the first season. We deal with some real burning issues in Zimbabwe like race, elections and patriotism. But we turn it all on its head and laugh at it all. It’s a really fun new season!

The first season split opinion with some saying that it was a refreshing look at Zimbabweans by Zimbabweans while others went so far to the other side to even call it minstrel and even racist.

However with a distribution of 12,000 DVDs across the country and over 20,000 Youtube views, one thing for sure is that there is a market. According to the presser they sent out, the highest demands via Kubatana was mainly in the high density suburbs.

We’ll be keen to keep an eye on this one. Wonder what new songs the Even More Swaggery Lil Boys have this time.

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