Zambezi Magic announces Date My Family Zambia call

After the successful adaption of Our Perfect Wedding to a Zambian versionthe next show is Date My Family.

The format for the show is that a person looking for partner meets three families representing a person they might be interested in dating. After those ‘dates’ at the home setting of those representatives, the suitor chooses one of them. And they only meet after the choice has been made.

So if you want to enter, the call is out. Click here for details to enter Date My Family Zambia

And what is more, Zambezi Magic has announced open cast auditions to be the voice for the adaptation of the popular Mzansi Magic show. Details here.

If there was a Zimbabwean adaptation, would you enter?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

a filimu TV update


    hell no….i live in a one bed roomed flat with my parents hommie….we aint got nop dinner table.and we only have 3 plates…and 2 table spoons