Zahara Responds To Record Label Abuse Allegations

South African singing sensation Zahara has taken to twitter to respond to a story in the Sunday World which implied that she had entered into a bad contract with her record label TS Records.

She wrote:

Am sorry to everyone that’s been hurt by this more special to you sis @Nhlanhlanciza am really sorry but I know you know I love you and thank you for everything.

If they want to tunr(sp) my family against me they must just go ahead but remember God is watching you..

Paper may write what ever they want but I know I have been a great kid in my family and TS too has been good to me and my family

I know where I come from and never forget my parents I still love my family who ever is tryin to turn then against me it won’t work..

 And thank you guys for your support.. And I wish you shall continue doing so *tearing*

Why her family would have come out like that is a bit surprising and we are pretty sure that the young girl is sincere in what she says. If the family has been a bit naughty then that is just poor. The article quotes sisters and has pictures of parents and what-not.

Do we think that this is a public relations move to keep the noise away? We can’t say for sure. The fact of  the matter is that if the allegations are malicious, our real question will always be, why has the family gotten in on this? Is there some bad history? Is there a situation that needs to be sorted out and the family has taken to the papers to get her attention? Could it be just a naughty newspaper?

Whatever it is, something just doesn’t add up.

  • Fidelfengu

    I think its one of those so what type of things . ….She is being used or abused so what , is she a slave ???? is she tied to the bed or can she get up and leave as and when she pleases..its her talent but whose money made her ???? I think its the sisters who want attention , since one of them bought the guitar that Zahara used to learn her music….. Get a life

  • Ngwenyagiven35

    Romours has got it