Winky D Goes ‘Sungura Like’ In New Song [Download Link Inside]

Dancehall star Winky D has put out a new song called Sungura Like and put out a Facebook post that could have torched a storm.

Winky D Sungura like artwork

Winky D Sungura like artwork

In the song he has a strong Sungura guitar influence and says in the song:

Pavari kumhanya international staira tirikumhanya chisungura staira

Essentially says while are trying to go with international style of dancehall, he is putting a Zimbabwean influence into his brand of music in this song. But he also adds that he doesn’t see genres but Zimbabwean music.

Posting the song, Winky D said:

Winky D “Biggie” preaches importance of oneness in local music irrespective of genre.This comes in wake of barrage of criticism denouncing dancehall music as void of local relevance.Ninja President shows his creative side by blending sungura with dancehall. The track also teaches importance of local focus and creating culturally acceptable content rather than imitating international music without due consideration of our morals and ethics as Zimbabweans.

It’s good to see that Sungura influence to be honest as it sets our sound apart from a lot of other countries.

As to whether that will become the new Winky D sound, his manager Jonathan Banda says that the song is meant to show that dancehall by virtue of its source is local music and should not be treated as some foreign element. Speaking exclusively to, By putting as many influences of Sungura as possible, he says this ‘dancehall sungura’ song shows that if sungura can be called local, so can dancehall. He repeated the call for unity in the music industry and less of the genre-based divisiveness.

You can download the song by clicking here.