Winky D Accident Rumour Untrue

A rumour has been doing the rounds in Harare that Zimbabwe dancehall star Winky D has been involved in an accident.

We have just spoken to his manager and he tells us that the rumour is false. We are posting this because we have been receiving a lot of enquiries about this.

The rumour had started earlier this afternoon and had been doing the rounds in Harare and in social media with all types of details, with some even claiming that he was in a critical state.

We are glad the ‘Bigiman’ is OK because we would like to see him reach those heights we know he can.

UPDATE: Winky D just put this on his Facebook

Ninja President;State of the Ninja Nation Address-Contrary to the deceptive rumour that gained currency on the morning of Sunday the 23rd of September 2012;yours truly the Ninja President is alive and selflessly living up to preaching the dynamics quests of the ghetto youths. I urge all the Ninjas to take the rumour with a smile and not allow such misguided elements to deter us in our battle for a better ghetto.

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