Why Tehn Diamond has chosen these three artists for his upcomig national tour

Rapper Tehn Diamond has announced an ambitious ten cities and towns tour of Zimbabwe to promote his new album A Few Good Poems.

Monikered Tehn out of Ten, the tour kicks of in Harare at Stars Night Club on the 18th of February with the final show set for Tanza Night Club in Chitungwiza on 25 March 2017.

And he is taking three artists Ammara Brown, Simba Tagz and Thaiwanda Thai with him. We asked him why those specifically and told 3-mob.com:

Well, cause a collective we’re very similar. Listening to either of our catalogues you can’t quite box us in. I’m known as both an emcee and a singer, Ammara Brown is not only an incredible vocalist but an amazing dancer as well, Simba Tagz is a genre bending phenom and Thai is not only a great vocalist but an awesome producer too. Between the four of us creative rules are constantly being bent and broken, which for me will make for an exciting tour. You never know what might happen. Also, I believe it’s a packaging of genres and artists that hasn’t been seen widely throughout the country, it’s definitely something refreshing for the performance circuit

And Ammara pretty much agrees:

I agreed to do the Tehn outta Ten tour simply because they are my comrades in sound. We all are particularly unique in the music industry when it comes to our urban sounds and I think it will be great to finally take it accross the country.

Well that’s that then. Find out when the four are in your area from the tour dates below: