Whitney:Why She Had Serious Game

Whitney Houston’s funeral is going to be today in Newark, New Jersey. The television networks in the USA are keeping track of who was invited and who was not.

Among those that are definitely going is Ray J, the 31 year old younger brother to Brandy. Ray J is Whitney Houston’s last known  boyfriend and for that we applaud Whitney Houston.

After all the rumours that she was battling with drugs and alcohol she still managed to land a reasonably decent younger man.

Months ago we wrote about a generation of older empowered women who are keen on having fun and games and are out to get a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male.

Whitney is exactly the type we were talking about and thats why we think  she still had serious game.

We are not too sure about Ray J’s intentions though, perhaps he had set his eyes on the last of Whitney’s millions, but to be fair on Ray J, he looks seriously affected about her death. At 48 years old, Whitney still looked mighty fine who can blame him?

As for the funeral, it is on today but she will be buried some other unknown day just not today, and yes ex-husband Bad Boy Bobby Brown was invited to the funeral.

The world of super-stars sure is a weird one.