What we hope to see on Ruvheneko’s online TV show

So as you will know Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa has launched her own online TV show that will be broadcast from her Facebook, Instagram and YouTube digital assets.

Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa

Having moved on from traditional broadcasting platforms there has been speculation about her next move and after her Stunner interview in January it seems as if the new media bug has bitten and refused to let go.

The new venture launches on 2 February she has confirmed and there are a few things we are keen to pick from this.

  • Diversity. There is the trap of doing only what you know. While Donald Trump applauded this in his book The Art of The Deal on media, its power is its diversity even though the way it is processed might be the same.
  • Connectivity. Many productions on new media in Zimbabwe have been hamstrung by a poor link, probably because of poor upload speeds from providers. This is something that is easy to sort out and we think she has the juice for it.
  • Ethics. Social media based content has a tendency to go wild in search of ratings and forget the ethical side. Sure let’s push boundaries but for new media to be ensconced in venerable spaces it bust be respectable.
  • New. We don’t really want the Ruvheneko we heard on radio. We want her unhinged. Going in for the kill when she has to but at the same time maintaining cool. Give us something the mainstream can’t offer for whatever reason.
  • Syndication. Where else does it go after broadcast on platforms?

It’s an interesting space we say and it is beyond disruption now. It is the new way. Mainstream is not picking it up and that is a pity. Meanwhile, all the best to Ruvheneko. Kick it.

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