What to expect from Theatre In The Park’s Musica Festival schedule

Blaque Events is co-hosting Musica’s 2017 Theatre In the Park schedule from 4th of October 2017 to 6th of October 2017.

Chico Antonio

They have a thrilling mix of local, Italian, French and German music as well as High School Band finalists.

High School Bands Finalists – they will battle it out at the St Johns Fair on the 1st of October 2017 and the three finalists will performance at The Musica Festival 2017.

Casarrano and Zamua

Casarano and Zamua – Casarano started to study the saxophone at the tender age of seven. He has collaborated with various renowned international artists and locally has collaborated with Oliver Mtukudzi and Dudu Manhenga. Zamua incidentally sang his first song to an audience at the age of seven. Born of a Sardinian mother and a Burundian father, his music resonates between Sardinian melancholy and folk pop infused with soul and jazz. He has collaborated with the likes of Matteo Pastorino and Paolo Fresu.

Dudu Manhenga PIC: Facebook

Dudu Manhenga is a renowned local afro jazz sensation! Her music career started at an early age and by the time she was in grade three she was leading the school choir. She has worked together with music legend Oliver Mtukudzi, Zimboita and collaborated with Casarano.

Zimboita is a three piece international band, which stands for Zimbabwe Italy Collaboration. It comprises of Blessing Chimanga (marimba and main vocals), internationally acclaimed artists Max Covini (Drums) and Mateo Boldin (Piano). Zimboita genre is afro Blues music, which celebrates the diverse cultures through infusion of Shona, Ndebele, Italian and English languages. They have collaborated with the likes of Dudu Manhenga, Oliver Mutukudzi, Hope Masike and Tariro Negitare. In the spirit of collaboration they will be featuring some more local artists at their show.

Round About Italy comprises of four top class musicians from Italy, France and Germany. Lorenzo Petrocca (guitarist) is from Italy. On the piano is, William Lecomte, who lives in Paris and the bass player Jens Loh, is from Germany. They are  supported by  Antoine Fillon on the drums whose from France.

Music According to Percussion is an outfit led by Percussionist Othnell Mangoma Moyo, which sets percussion as the sole driver of its music and has percussionist writing, composing and writing music what that is meant to educate and pass information about the struggles, issues that need to be addressed and the everyday life of the marginalized communities.

Chicco Antonio was born in Magude, a district of Maputo province in the southern part of Mozambique, and at the age of nine he became a soloist in a 60 piece choir at St.Jose de Lhanguene and he started learning solfeje and trumpet. In 1992, he was part of band that composed music with a base in Mozambican traditional rhythms. He has toured countries like Italy, France, Portugal, Sweden, Norway and Zimbabwe.

The Movement is an exclusive entertainment brand that creates events throughout Zimbabwe. They have a unique way of entertaining audiences, with DJs and live musicians which they term as The Fusion set. The Movement began mid July 2013 and has performed at multiple events such as corporates, weddings, festivals, private functions, clubs and bars.


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