Wenera season 4 premieres this Monday

The fourth season of the very popular Zimbabwean TV soap Wenera premieres on ZBCTV this Monday.


Fans will be keen to see the fate of Gugu and what T1 has in store for her. And judging from the comments from fans on the show’s facebook page, they are keen on Gugu getting her uppance.

The soap which features the talents of Conrad Mwanawashe, Arnold Gara, Denzel Burutsa, Fatima Makungunya among other has become a staple when it airs on Mondays and Tuesdays for viewers of the national broadcaster.

A creation of Eddie Ndhlovu, its backdrop is the family-run business Wenera Diamond Company. The in-fighting definesthe dramtic events of the series.

Catch it at 19.30hrs.

Meanwhile check out the teaser below:

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