Wenera director upset over NAMA snub

Eddie Ndhlovu is not a happy man after his popular TV series Wenera was completely ignored in this year’s honours list.

The nominees list was out a few weeks  ago (you can read it here)  and Ndhlovu feels hard-done by.

These kids have worked hard and played a big role in the revolution of changing the face of TV. They have produced a fair project that should be celebrated today. We have changed ZTV in a way. Wenera is not just a Television program but a brand that most Zimbabweans are proud to be associated with.

The director who in December almost pulled the programme from ZTV over payment added that he was ashamed of the ‘industry’.

I feel ashamed for our entertainment industry in Zimbabwe. The Cast & Crew of Wenera where robbed when their work wasn’t recognized in the upcoming NAMA Awards.

Ndhlovu  added that his cast and crew were bitter over the snub but he told them:

The most important thing right now is knowing that you are among the best and they should focus on pushing the bar high and making Zimbabwe proud.

It’s real. We can imagine.

The awards are on this Saturday at 7 Arts in Avondale, Harare.

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