WATCH: VeeLosophy – When I put my ego aside, I did what was necessary

Media entrepreneur and TV host Vimbai Mutinhiri comes back with another episode of growth on her weekly VeeLosophy motivational series.

VeeLosophy Ep4 with Vimbai Mutinhiri

The title of this one is calledĀ Never the Bottom, Only the BeginningĀ and her life lesson comes from when she had to take a job that was ’embarrassing’ to get herself through school.

When I put my ego aside, when I put my worry about what people would think aside. when I stopped worrying about anyone else and focused on myself and thought boy, Vimbai, this is where life has brought you right now, this is what you need to do to move to the next space… I embraced it with my whole being

From that she learnt a lot of things that served her career later.

The key lesson? Do not worry about perception. There is no bottom. Only a beginning.

Watch it all in her own words below: