WATCH THIS: Zim youngster Donel Mangena’s awesome blind audition on The Voice UK

16 year-old Donel Mangena stole the hearts of many when he took on the Major Lazer and Justin Beiber hit song Cold Water in the The Voice UK blind auditions.

Donal Mangena PIC: ITV

And he does it with a twist because he puts some isiNdebele into the song. He says when he was young, his parents made sure he explored his Zimbabwean culture and has been to the country to live with his grandmother. landed him on his team and his pitch was that he was ready to work with Donel there and then. host Emma Willis told she has “never seen you pitch that hard for somebody.”

He was impressed indeed and said of Donel:

Donel’s amazing. I was pitching from deep down in my soul and I’m so happy that Donel’s on my team because we’re going to do a lot of great work together.

That lit up my heart though. You could see the way he is with his grandma is the way that I was with my grandma. All the time I would go to the Grammys, my grandma would be my date and I see that in the love and just the appreciation for her wisdom and her joy and how she moves. It was a beautiful moment.

And it was a that cute moment. Donel’s gogo Nita who stole the show when she took to the stages to celebrate his successful entry.

Watch his super performance below: