WATCH: Danai Gurira talks going bald for Black Panther and growing up in Zim on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Danai Gurira appeared on late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Danai Grurira on Jimmy Kimmel: PIC: Tom and Lorenzo

The Zimbabwean star plays Okoye on the upcoming super-hero feature film Black Panther.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live she pays tribute to her Iowa roots although she says she doesn’t remember much about it having moved to Zimbabwe at the age of five. About her stay in the Southern African nation she speaks of her exposure to American culture and jokingly saying about her mimicking one Dallas character Alexis Colby:

My family was like either she is going to be crazy or an actress, one of the two.

Gurira also talks about when she had to go ‘dolphin smooth bald’ for the show and the drama around that.

Oh and when they met Snoop Dogg at the special premiere last week.

The Black Panther premieres across the US on 16 February 2018.

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