VIRAL SONG: Comic Pastor proposes to Olinda in this track

In the latest page of Olinda Chapel’s book of trends is the Comic Pastor.

The crazy comedian has branched out into the music Industry to validate he’s more than a mere humoriste and most importantly, to “propose” to socialite Olinda Chapel.

It all began with a Facebook post in which the Epworth-based iconĀ  “ironically”declared that he will date the socialite after Tytan,who’s reportedly dating her in the meantime. It all came out to be true in few hours when the song titled Olinda actually surfaced online,featuring the Comic’s brother Factor Five and crooner Wicie.

The song has already gone viral, and is attracting various comments from listeners with most of them applauding the comedian as creative.

In the song the Comic aired that nobody loves clowns, hence the need to become a musician. However, it’s quite apparent that he’s not in for the love, but materialism, as several references of her blessing ex-hubby Stunner are ubiquitous.

The song is catchy and the lyrics are generic, but it’s not a critical flaw.

Listen to the track and let us know what you think.