VIDEO THOUGHTS: Khuliyo ft Ashleigh Love – I do

Khuliyo droppedĀ  a new album and a new video of a song from the album featuring budding songstress Ashleigh Love.

The track is called I Do and is sung in Shona and isiNdebele.

The video is a CnC Productions project and tells a classic love story from meeting her on the street to the day of the marriage.

While it has some good moments and great shots what it lacks is intimacy suggested by the song. Glaringly, it is the fact that the couple seems to be singing a ballad rather than convincing us of their love and the main thing being the space between them when they sit as well the fact that they rarely touch each other throughout the video. And at some point Khuliyo points at the camera in an expression of love instead of the person he says he loves and wants to marry.

It doesn’t make it a bad video though. For a conservative crowd it probably works.

Can we also say how impressive Ashleigh Love’s vocals are.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think:

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