VIDEO: Takura – MaObama (Zvakanaka Tozvidawo)

Former Soul Afrika member Takura has fashioned himself as a trap-hustler and it is a good look for him.

Takura MaOBama screengrab

Takura MaOBama screengrab

He looks authentic in is latest video for the track MaObama (Zvakanaka Tozvidawo).

First the cinematography is a fix-up of a bunch of tricks making it aesthetically pleasing while maintaining an unmistakable struggled identity. It is never romantic looking at the grind of the Mbare hostels but a story well told captures nuances often ignored by class constructs. It is a set that fixes itself and it is up to the cinematography to fully capture its beauty.

The kombi doing donuts is a nice touch, lending to the palpable grind that is the men and women who ghost around town dodging police roadblocks to give us all a lift home.

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