VIDEO & SONG REVIEW: Jah Prayzah ft Davido – My Lilly

This is probably one of the most important music collaborations involving a Zimbabwean artist.

A Zimbabwean artist as hooked up with Universal Music artist for a song.

If you are mainstream Jah Prayzah critic then this song is not for you.

He goes left field in My Lilly  and pushes a song that has layers to it. He could have gone for the Watora Mari  kind of song but in this flex with Davido he appeals to a completely different market.

This is that dance-with-your-baby-mama kinda song. And Davido singing in shona keeps a little flavour in it.

And for the video..

If you get Godfather working on a production you know the process.

The storyline, the opulence, the feel, the touch. It is quality

If you are someone with expectations then you might get a little upset. But if you are about art, music and letting people tell their stories you will enjoy this little number.

A dope production.

Don’t take our word for it. Watch it below:

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