VIDEO: Missed the Stunner interview with Ruvheneko? Here it is

Rapper Stunner was on Facbook Live with Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa in which he poured his heart our concerning the troubles in his marriage, his music, the wealth he has personally accrued and how he felt Zimbabweans hated him.

Stunner PIC: Facebook page

Stunner PIC: Facebook page

Other highlights were

  • he does not have a problem with his wife’s weight. His mother and sisters are bigger than Olinda
  • he won’t apologise because she went onto Facebook to have a go at him
  • he has been working for 15 years and been able to raise his daughter, support his mother and more
  • he is still living with his wife
  • he and his wife need counselling
  •  would rather perform for two people who are loyal than 1,000 who care.

And at some point he broke down.

Watch it below:

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