VIDEO: MC Chita ft Leaks – Pardon U

MC Chita’s journey has taken him to a place that hip hop had almost forgotten about in his latest video for the Pardon U collaboration with Leaks.

The real unadulterated, gutter, grimey, other-world underground, where the conversations, intentions and fire is different.

Zim hip hop has constantly skipped this conversation, even pretending it did  not exist in exchange for the more glamorous bling rap with its bottles and models. Sign of the times.

We wouldn’t quite call the video gangsta rap but it definitely is shades of that error when your belly was fired by the passion.

Perhaps it is woes that have brought us these visuals, with sights of the paraphernalia of the subculture glaring at you at every corner.

While some of us do not dip our toes into that world, that it is told is refreshing. Just because you refuse to acknowledge it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t live.

Watch it below: