VIDEO: Killer T – Bvunza Tinzwe

Killer T has dropped the video for his 2016 major hit Bvunza Tinzwe and with it launched his VEVO channel.

The dancehall star, unlucky to be looked over in many awards  ceremonies released the video to the pensive note on death, departure and loss on Sunday.

And here is where he gets it.

He didn’t try to do too much. He cleaned up well and looked relatable. So often ZimDancehall videos tend to look too other wordly and not feel like ¬†they could crossover that easily.

That said we do feel he could have done more linking the casket to the narrative to the story. There is effort but you always want a script that speaks violently to you.

That said, Killer T did challenge a big taboo in that and for that we will give him props.

Watch it below: