NEW VIDEO: Fore – Cherry Coloured

Zimbabwean New-York based rapper Fore has dropped a new video from his album Going Back Is Not The Same As Staying.

The track is called Cherry Coloured and is directed by Brit, Rohan Blair-Mangat, It stars Dominique Tipper and Nari Blair-Mangat. It is very indie and artistic but perfect for the artsy Fore Mapondera.

It’ refreshing, proper artistic, like  short film punctuated by words and stares. It is a story of love and excess

We like Fore. He has that depth, subcutaneous story-telling.

Just a bit about Fore according to his presser

Having lived on four continents before the age of eighteen, Fore was exposed to a wide range of cultures and experiences that allowed him a culturally pliant sense of self that is reflected in his music, which mines samples from wide-ranging influences like the Cocteau Twins and Mali’s Amadou and Miriam. Lyrically, Fore’s work is punctuated by complex rhyme schemes that betray a childhood affinity for Big L, Big Pun and Nas with a modern sense of emotional honesty and artistic  ambition.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think

Click here to view it on Youtube

The album is available for download here

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