VIDEO: 50 Of Top Gear’s Greatest Moments, Episodes, Segments

Petrolheads across the world are mourning the end of an era following the removal of BBC’s Top Gear anchor Jeremy Clarkson.

The stig. He\'s my best friend. / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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The Beeb has said it will work on another show but you will feel the pain many who religiously followed the shenanigans that Jeremy, James May and Richard Hammond got up to. Like Hammond said ‘we were all idiots in our owns ways’.

Who will ever forget that Buggati Veyron moment when i clocked over 400km/h; the burning of a car;  the race between an aeroplane and a car; the drive through the some of South America’s most dangerous cliffs. to name a few.

Well user Branko Mitic on YouTube compiled some of the best moments in the show but only up to 5 years ago.

Here they are