Vee and Tinashe Mukarati deliver what you missed about the Green at #HIFA2017

On Friday afternoon, we were at the Pariah State Bar and about to set our stall as usual at the Sanctuary Cafe and Wine Bar which has become something of an artistic space at the Harare International Festival of the Arts.

Vee and Tinashe Mukarati

Then the MC TK Mafundikwa said…

this next act is, I don’t know how to introduce them

And then we stopped thought, ‘Oh dear what is this?’

Then he said:

The brothers Vee and Tinashe Mukarati.

And we stopped dead in our tracks… Well after getting a few beers.

Back and forth, with Vee on soprano saxophone and Tinashe on alto saxophone, they belted out each other’s songs as if in the playground, complementing efforts, notes riding on notes and dancing to the sound.

Quickly the ZimGold Green which had been sparce filled up as enthusiastic revelers (ZBC voice) hanged onto every song, lyric, blow on the mic.

Said Vee towards the end in thanking the sponsors of the Green:

We are so grateful have this platform [HIFA] to be back.

And that was it. Because the ZimGold Green offers a hodgepodge of interesting artistic delicacies. A carefully curated space, it is what we need, what the festival goer dreams of, and that bit of life you do not get much of elsewhere.

It is what the festival is about and why we go to it.

It an intervention, staged.

You can access the green by paying for a general entry ticket of $6. Optionally if you buy a ticket for any show on the day, you also get access to the green.

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