TWENTY most memorable Zim Hip Hop moments from 2016

There’s no doubt 2016 has been a crazy year for Zimhip-hop.

From awards show moments going viral to Internet beefs to record-breaking projects  and legendary comebacks, rappers have kept us entertained even when they weren’t dropping music. Along with these many moments of triumph came plenty of epic fails, hilarious throwbacks, and social media rants.

Here we give you the 20 epic episodes of Zimhip-hop in 2016, funny, enjoyable,  embarrassing but memorable.We choose to call them episodes because they were so dramatic & theatrical sometimes.

Episode 1: Who Runs It?

Four rappers Jnr Brown, Cal_Vin, Myke Pimp and Jungle Bwoi all released singles  claiming they run the Zimhip-hop game.

Episode 2: Rehab Demise

One of the biggest houses in the genre under award-winning producer Anonzi Xndr  had a major fall out. Ineptitude was cited as the problem.

Episode 3: Tongogara Sold out

Jnr Brown released his follow up single to We Run It, titled Tongogara and with help of Begottensun, Zezuru Rockstar and Atenno Media made over $5 000 via WhatsApp.

Episode 4: Takura broke out

After breaking up with Adrian-Tate as Soul Afrika,  Takura rose up to become one of the hottest rappers in the country with hits like Zino Irema, MaObama and Mungandidii.

Episode 5:Trevor IDFWU Mudiwa

After accepting a NAMA gong on behalf of the absent crooner, rapper Mudiwa got a “I don’t f*** with you” token of appropriation from Trevor Dongo.

Episode 6: Schingy vrs ZiFM’s Danny That Guy

The rapper and the radio personality got into a serious twitter exchange over, “you don’t play my music” subject matter.

Episode 7: Cal_Vin and Jnr Brown Squash Beef

“It’s old sh*t, see, forever, we holding this grudge /Takes real man to squash beef, end it with hugs.”Nas on Trust.

Exactly what happened , two rival echelons of rap,  with the help of Kuda Begotten Sun Musasiwa finally put an end to their short lived lyrical shots and  even did a crazy remix to Jnr Brown’ Ameni.

Episode 8: Tigonzi has no plan

When asked about how Zvenyu remix was created,  Stunner replied that Tigonzi had no specific plan for it. However,  he uttered these honest words in the present tense and it ended up as “Tigonzi haana plan.”This prompted the young rapper to take on series of shots at the Tazzoita Cash boss, the worst being an uncut 30 minutes freestyle on StarFM’s TXO. This episode gave Stunner a new media  outlet to share his concern : voice note.

Episode 9:The Takanzwa Kuti

Out of nowhere a rap duo Dawce & Sim Slaiya emerged with a record that ethered almost every household rap artist subliminally under the guise of “it’s a hearsay “.Reminiscent to what J.Boss and Ishy X did sometime ago.

PIC: Video screengrab

Episode 10 :Tocky Vibes Gives Mainini Value

Contemporary popular artist Tocky Vibes jumped on a remix of 8L’s Mainini and it blew up.

Episode 11:MMT bounces back

The award-winning   rap trio Mariachi, MC Cut and Tatea returned with a new single Live For Today and people reacted to it differently.

Episode 12: Sharky performs in Senegal

One of the best rookies of the year went to represent Zimbabwe on Festa2H Festival in  Dakar, Senegal.

Episode 13:Tehn Diamond torn between two women

The Happy hitmaker was caught up in an alleged infidelity scandal that involved his lover Lochnation and Ammara Brown.

Episode 14:MC Chita checked on Shoko Festival

After the lineup of the national hip-hop festival  headliners included other  non-hip-hop act, rapper MC Chita reminded the organisers that it used to be an all hip-hop platform.

Episode 15 :Cal_Vin announced a music hiatus

The Zikhupani wordsmith said he would not be releasing new music in 2017 because he wanted to produce for his affiliated group Kontrol Tribe .

Episode 16 :And then AWA came

While people were so busy looking up to other celebrated female rappers to champion for the genre, another female rapper arise by the name of AWA (African Women Arise).

Episode 17:Blac Perl says she’s a virgin

Self-explanatory, isn’t it?

Episode 18: Chyllur promises new music

Member of the much acclaimed rap trio Major Playaz Benson  Chyllur Chihava said he was now pursuing a solo career and has an offing project.

Episode 19 :Mudiwa enters the book of records

Gospel rapper Mudiwa dropped a Jah Prayzah gong and it was left in crumbs.

Episode Finale: Zim hip-hop Awards and Aftermath

People expressed dissatisfaction with the ZHHA hosts. Stunner is the biggest winner and the top nominee Cal_Vin walked away trophyless. Stunner has a near fist fight experience with Charles Mungoshi Jnr. Kikky Badass is announced as the new Tazzoita Cash signee. Boy Asaph congratulates Sharky for winning the Best Album at the same time said he was robbed. Stunner back to his series of voice notes, and calls out Profound and Takura. MC Chita and Dj Towers dropped videos. Tehn Diamond said he was reworking on his album A Few Good Poems.

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