Update On Oliver Mtukudzi’s Condition

Legendary Zimbabwean artist Oliver Mtukudzi is said to be well after reports that he missed two shows this weekend.

We just spoke to his Shepherd Mutamba who told us that Tuku was simply unable to perform at the two shows mentioned in the media due to exhaustion induced by his diabetic condition, which is public, as opposed to the ‘sensational’ ‘undisclosed illness’. He had actually performed at other shows earlier on Saturday but he simply needed rest especially after a grueling schedule over the past few weeks.

_MG_1153 Oliver Mtukudzi (Zimbabwean musician ) playing at the CTIJF 2008
Oliver Mtukudzi missed a show because he was tiredWilfred Paulse / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

We are also informed that it is business as usual for the shows this week and going forward for Nzou.

Tuku’s health much like that of the president is subject to debate from time to time.

  • Mr_popular

    Apparently on facebook there are rumors that he has passed on……

    • If this was true, you would be reading it on 3-mob.com. tell them we said so