Tonga Fashion At #HIFA2014 Dome

In one of the remotest parts of Zimbabwe in Binga lives one of the most intriguing tribes of people the Tonga people.

Tonga High Fashion at #HIFA2014

Tonga High Fashion at #HIFA2014

It is a unique tribe of people that to this day holds on to its own cultural beliefs, lifestyle and customs.

It is in that region that designer Petreace Muzerengwa gave birth to her amazing fashion designs that went on display yesterday at the HIFA Fashion Dome.

Themed Vintage-Tonga look Petreace’s designs takes one on a journey that combines the ancient Tonga culture with the Urban contemporary look.


Tonga High Fashion at #HIFA2014

Tonga High Fashion at #HIFA2014

Her designs are an inspiration showcasing the artistic side of fashion mixing weaved baskets with fabrics to produce high quality wearable works of art.

“I took a trip to Binga to observe, gather and engage into the Tonga culture for me to have an appreciation of their culture,” she said.

She added that there was a lot to draw from the Binga people and more of her designed will be themed around the Tonga culture.

Tonga High Fashion at #HIFA2014

Tonga High Fashion at #HIFA2014

Other designs that went on the ramp were form Tarisayi Gweje titled Chaivo meaning the originals.

On her art she focused on the social ill of greed currently experienced in the country.

Her couture focused on salary-gate.

“On my design the colour gold is representing the greed in people, the spoons stand for the ordinary worker or man in the street while black stand for the dark cloud over the country caused by the salary-gate,” she said

Other displays to look forward to on the Fashion Dome includes the accessory show on Thursday from 10am and High Fashion form 2130hrs.

Friday has four doses of fashion displays with the first at 10am being the Accessory Show followed by Fashion Walkabout at 1500hrs, Man Fashion at 1730hrs and the last show will be the Trash Queen at 2130hrs.

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