Tomas Brickhill talks ‘Cook Off’ screenings, festival appearance and some of his best reactions caught up with the writer and director of the new movie, Cook Off Tomas Brickhill.

Tomas Brickhil

The film, which stars Tendie Chitima, Tehn, Jessesi Mungoshi and Eddie Sandifolo premiered on 7 December 2017 and has begun something of a tour. Joe Njagu is the producer.

In an exclusive interview Brickhill (TB) tells us about the journey so far. How many screenings have you had so far?
TB: So far we have had 3 public screenings of the film ‘Cook Off’, the premier which we had at New Ambassador Hotel and 2 small screenings at Tristan’s in Highlands. What has the reception been like?
TB: So far the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. There are still a couple of technical glitches with sound and picture has not been graded yet so those are issues people have mentioned, yet in the same breath people have said things like ‘It’s the first ‘Film’ since Neria’, and ‘This could be the best Zimbabwean film ever!’, so we’ve been very pleased by the response What was your favourite comment from someone who watched it?
TB: For me personally, my favourite comment has been from a young single mother who sent a message on facebook to say how the film had touched her and and made her emotional and thanked us for making it: that’s the kind of reaction that makes all the hard work worthwhile. What interpretation of the film did you get that you had never thought of?
TB: One interpretation which I hadn’t thought of was a comment that it passed the ‘Bechdel Test’ – I hadn’t really thought about that and it’s nice that it happened naturally and was not a forced decision in the writing. Will there be any more screenings? We will be having more local Harare screenings this Friday and TB: Saturday at Reps Upstairs before we take the film to Rotterdam International Film Festival at the end of the month where the film will have it’s ‘International premier’. What about outside Harare in Zimbabwe?
TB: When we come back in February we will be announcing more screenings around Zimbabwe: for now we are arranging screenings in Bulawayo, Gweru, Masvingo and Victoria Falls – but we’d like to do more places. Hopefully we will also be announcing releasing the film on DVD throughout Zimbabwe at the same time.

An update to the article was to correct the titles of Brickhill and Njagu in the production of this movie.

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