#ThursPoetry: Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza – What I Wished For

#ThursPoetry is back again and this week we have Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza.

He is a 20 year-old Law student at the University of Zimbabwe who is extremely passionate with life itself, and seeks to live the best out of it.

Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza

He has a heart that truly belongs to Zimbabwe and to Africa at large. He believes that the continuous expression of ideas must be sustained and it must flourish. He is of the thought that this can be expressed through writing. For him, writing is a solace and a way to express our experiences. In him is a deep-seated feeling that being positive and creative is of the utmost importance, and that it must abound. Conversely, ignorance must be abhorred. Poetry does this perfectly well for him. He seeks to address every aspect of human life in every sphere through writing.

‘What I Wished For

There was a time I wished for
Things to be the way I wanted them to be
A time when I had an orgy of imaginations
How I conjured resplendence all over
There were possibilities that it could be reality
The disillusionment became massive
It became so gross that it was now toxic
But could I have ever known?

What’s left of me are shattered dreams
A childhood that can never be reclaimed
An adulthood that resonates failures
All I wished for, all I wished for
Everything has come to naught
The heavy and ominous smell of
Inner feelings of castration haunt and taunt me

If someone only told me,
“Tone it down!”
I am now a mirror of a crises of expectations
Who could have ever thought I would be in this scenario?
But here I am, laden with unfulfilled dreams
Burdened with dejection and disappointment
And then I wonder,
Where could I get my respite?
To massage my bruised ego
It’s a strangulation of everything I hoped for
In every facet, what I see is nothing
Just blank vision, they tell me
There is no light at the end of the tunnel
And with no one to turn to
I can only say already I am digging my own grave
Only if the earth could swallow me
It has become unfathomable
My feeble comprehension can no longer
Cope with this.

Everything I have hoped for,
All of it
Has become a remote possibility
What’s left of me?

– Hillary Takudzwa Chiwanza