#ThursPoetry: Rae Lyric – Some Becoming

The weekly #ThursPoetry series is back and this week our feature poet is Rae Lyric.

Born Mutsa Diana Shiripinda, she is a 20-something Zimbabwean spoken word poet and freelance journalist. Born in Harare, Zimbabwe and raised in Gaborone, Botswana, Rae Lyric credits her high school literature teacher as the person who first introduced her to the power of the written word.

She began performing in 2009 and went on to start an oncampus poetry collective at her university campus. Performing weekly helped her hone her performing skills and build a following. She eventually ventured into performing at open mic sessions joined the collective, Masters of Soul, a collective of poets, vocalists and instrumentalists that performed at various corporate and private functions. With the collective, she performed at Botho Arts Festival, Maitisong Festival as well as being an opening act for Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime. To date, Rae Lyric has performed at various festivals including Shoko Festival, Maun International Arts Festival, The University of Botswana’s Multilingualism and Poetry Festival, Shakespeare in Harare and The TiriAfrika Africa Day Concert as well as various other corporate functions.

This is her poem Some Becoming

Some Becoming

I too try to forget who I have been
I am constantly becoming
Becoming less reckless
Becoming less of a mess
Becoming less and less of selfishness
A reminiscence of all the spaces
I have often felt the need to fit in
Keep your memories and the faces I have worn
Forget them
Drown them in now
Now, is masks I revisit to get lost in the irony of maturity
Or my lack of it
Old enough to know
Young enough to crave more
Today, I am craving a lover I have never met
Soul mate, show me from crystal ball in a gypsy tent
I choose to not wait, on you
Instead, I crave your foul mouth
I crave your breathe
Your embrace is of no consequence
I crave your dark humour and the scars from bar fights
Today, I am craving your broken
Your not easy to digest
Can’t take him nowhere fancy laugh
Because I too am becoming,
Sometimes too much at a time

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