#ThursPoetry: Nnane Ntube – The visitor

The second in our new series called #ThursPoetry is from Cameroon’s Nnane Anna Ntube or just Nnane Ntube.

Nnane Ntube

She says she is passionate about writing and beyond poetry, which is her favourite, she is also pens  short stories, drama and prose. Ntube also teaches French in high schools.

Her poem is called, The Visitor.

He came, he came,
He came to me,
That visitor i’ve long awaited,
That visitor I was sure to meet,
Yet scared to meet.
That Fidel visitor,
He told me of his coming
But I doubted his words,
I’ve waited for twenty years
But he never came,
I freed myself and took the bars, the nightclubs, and parties.
Where I think I gave him a call.
He came, he came,
He came to me,
That day I least expected,
I saw him walked slowly and majestically
He knocked and knocked and knocked
But I was busy, struggling to put everything in their rightful places.
He knocked and knocked and knocked
I wasn’t ready for his visit
I was told he was a Fidel visitor
And here I am, grinding my teeth,
And here i am, trembling and wetting my pant
I wish I could stitch the holes on my dress
I wish I could clean my house,
I wish I could brush my teeth
All I have now are my wishes,
I will gather them all in one bag
To the journey, oh to the journey,
To the journey will I give a painful step,
And my wishes sleep in my chest.
He is a slow walker
But a sure visitor,
The one who knows no time and day.
With the visitor’s still touch,
My soul freely set out
To the journey, oh to the journey.


By Nnane Ntube