#ThursPoetry: KudsyValor – Prayer

Introducing #ThursPoetry, a weekly showcase of a poem from a local meistersinger.

Mukudzei Valour Mazorodze aka KudsyValor

Mukudzei Valour Mazorodze aka KudsyValor

It is our endeavour to grow a poetry writing culture in Zimbabwe. It is a play on There’s Poetry and on it dropping on Thursday so erm yah… In fact why did we even explain that?

This week we feature KudsyValor wither her poem Prayer

To the most High.
Of all these masculine devils I am thankful
I had my Heart tore
I run to the temple
Where nothing than self realisation knitted the heart back together
The dripping of the blood of my heart made a path I never walked again
A path from the manipulative den of devils to the holy temple of self realisation
I now stay in the temple, learning self worship

I read a book thick,
Each verse tells me I am beautiful,
My hair is thick enough,
My flashes are long enough,
My noise straight is enough,
My buttocks mounds enough,
My tummy toned enough,
My neck tall enough,
My belly button gracious enough,
And my breasts protuding enough
Perfection is my nature in the temple’s walls
Glorious my crown is

With the newly realised self of beauty and power like of a vain mermaid

I pray
That my cunningness be of a python
My grace be of the ruthless Sparta
My peace be of River Nile that never echoes even when sons kill each other with swords and her waters turn bloody
My glory be true like the unraveled nature of a woman
I pray
That I rule as a god
That my eyes are deceitful like those of a crocodile to the enemy
That I tattoo my anger deep on the enemy’s faces as though I am furnished by the claws of a tiger
That I renew my self like an eagle
That I take what’s not mine with brutality like a lion who clave for his brother ‘s lioness
That my movements be invisible like of the wizard whose Covent is in the preacher’s garden

I pray
That my goodness has long failed to change the world, may my evilness straighten the world’s ways now
That men don’t take what is not given to them like he did to me that night
I remember
The grief
The burden
He gave me an ulcer none in the world knows of yet it digs deeper each day that passes
Those tears went with my goodness
I shall punish the evil
I pray



Mukudzei Valour Mazorodze was born on 01 January in 1995. She says her writing manifested when she was as little as 8 years old where she could write of bleeding childhood stories of bullying and factors that makes one’s esteem as she observed at school. Mukudzei believes she has a sixth sense that allows to understand human emotions deeply. At the age of 14 Mukudzei who has made herself know as KudsyValor, bought a note book and started compiling her beautifully written poems. Today she is 22 and working on publishing her first rich poetry book nurtured and nourished over years. Her pen knows romance, peace, war, tears, struggle, poverty and many phenomena of human life. She is drawn to an understanding of society under the lances of inequality, poverty, brokenness, domination and struggle. She passionately believes in fighting inequalities between men and women, the worker and the employer, the rural area and the urban area, Africa and the western world and also in pulling down abuses in total institutions like prisons. This is expressed in her budding career as a sociologist and in her poetry. She is also a powerful performer who has graced different poetry podiums of Bulawayo leaving her audience with conviction that poetry is a genre of depth, beautiful and well painted human emotions