#ThursPoetry: Charisma Kizito – The Heart Of Art

The weekly #ThursPoetry by #3mob is back on this week and  we have as usual exclusive poetry for you.

This week it comes from Kudzai Kizito Madangwa aka Charisma Kizito.

The 19 year-old writer,actor and model  literally works stir human emotions. He wrote several poems and some were published on Poem Hunter,Dark Path and some in various magazines.

He performed dance with John Cole at the Carnival Street Party (2017).His poetry performances includes House Of Hunger Poetry Slam (Twice), Soul Diaries Poetry Slam.He is currently performing with Elysium as he is a member of this precious group of artists. He have staged Nehanda Nyakasikana The legend twice with Elysium in Mhondoro (August 2017) and in Harare at Seven Arts (November 2017).

Check out his poem:

The Heart Of Art

Creativity the heart of art,
A flower with sensitive flexibility
Live language for living people
Emotions composed in tranquility,
Inspired by experience and nature,
Purest Passion,Poverty,Power,Pleasure
Imagination beyond reasoning!

Creativity is variable as the weather
It is as sweet as sugar,transient as lightning
The heart of art is stubborn as mule,patient as hours.
It is ambitious as the devil and fruitful as Egypt.
Your heart art is as old as creation.

Where there is creativity there is art,
While there is art there is hope!

Kudzai Kizito Madangwa

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