Three Things Zim Beauty Pageants Need To Get Right Fast

By all accounts last night’s Miss Zimbabwe was the best in a while.

Most people had to watch the show on TV as it was reserved for a select few, ie the rich and the connected. Essentially, if you were not there, you were not that important.

Congratulations to Thabiso Phiri, by the way.  And of course to the Miss Zimbabwe Trust for putting a show together.

FILE PHOTO: Zimbabwe beauty pageants: PIC- ZIMBOJAM

FILE PHOTO: Zimbabwe beauty pageants: PIC- ZIMBOJAM

There are things that need to get sorted out fast for beauty pageants to gain proper traction in this country. We have chosen three things that give us the wrong squeeze in the unmentionables.

  1. Length: It took us FIVE whole hours to find out who the new Miss Zimbabwe was. Five whole hours.To put this in perspective, the show started before the Uruguay go its rear-end handed it to it by Costa Rica. After that much there was an one hour and some change break before we saw Andrea Pirlo do magic as England fell to Italy. Only towards the end of that match did we get to find out that Thabiso won the title. At that point most people had lost interest. By the way, we had the same problem with Miss Carnival.
  2. Music selection: For some reason we love playing Nigerian music at beauty pageants. Scratch that we also love South African music. For a show that is about Miss Zimbabwe, we would prefer if only Zimbabwean music is played. We do not care how much you like Chop My Money or Skelewu or Khona, this is Miss Zimbabwe and should showcase Zimbabwean music. We are pretty sure there are loads of Zimbabwean songs that can be used during the show. Mind you, they aren’t the only ones who are culpable. The police band was playing Nigerian music at this year’s Independence Day commemorations at teh National Sports Stadium. And then of course please cut length of performances.
  3. Designers: For some reason the clothes just look a bit meh. We don’t know if it is because the designers just created a piece of clothing for the night and didn’t really think about the body they were creating it for. Like it looks great in your head but does it look good on her? Particularly off-putting is the swimwear. No imagination maybe? Could we try that? Hameno kuti chi.

That said there are a lot of movements in the right direction. The most important thing is that we are having this stuff happening again. Also, we are starting on time. Remember the days when the show used to start at 10 or 11? The stage last night was a lot better than usual. Shan’t speak about Carnival Queen one.

We’re moving…

  • pageantfan

    To put it more into perspective Miss world has 100plus contestants and takes less than 2 hours this should have taken 30minutes lol ! Overall deserving winner, first beauty with brains we have had in a while. Last years miss world contestants where very accomplished. ..they even had a rocket scientist so we are definitely moving in the right direction.

  • Dude

    we need ladies that are representative of the variety of beautiful cultures and ethnicities. Also, the price of tickets sha…?

  • Koshen

    From the clip that i saw on YouTube of the pageant, the steep prices set is nowhere near justifiable. Plus i do agree on the music, we need to keep it local. On the other hand, i do hope that the girls that won actually get the prices that they were promised on time (yes Zim pageants have been notorious for this over the years).

    • Koshen


  • nyash

    liar …. we are zimbabwe ….we love the ladies … we enjoy being zim and we need to accept and CELEBRATE WHAT WE HAVE….. go ladies