THREE things we learnt from two nights at Sun City

#3mob spent too nights at the prestigious Palace in Pilanesberg’s Sun City courtesy of Multichoice and South Africa Tourism.

Dinner at the end of the day PIC: Alex Zezururocksta Muringani for #3mob

During that time there was a lot of eating, sun, activities and conversations.

Here are our key lessons

  1. You can build everything from nothing. Sun City is located about two and a half hours away from Johannesburg around Rustenburg. Temptation for many is to set something up close to where people already are but this oasis is a place of its own, with remarkable development offering a Las Vegas of South Africa. Three five star hotels, a game park, a casino are just a few of the activities available.
  2. Give people so much to do they have to stay. After two days, there was still so much to do. There was the zip slide in which you fly down on a rope at 120km/h. It’s creepy at the start but once you get it, you love it. All 2km of it. Then there is Making the Waves where there is an artificial beach with an eager crowd ready for the waters to come crushing against them. Add the adult pool where clothing is optional, the Segway, the golf course and many more things we did not get to do then you are sorted. Did we mention the game drive? Solly Maponyane our guide kept it interesting.
  3. Convenience is important. As long as one is on the premises and is staying there, there is a lot of access to all sorts of amenities. Just show your room card and you are sorted. Then there are the shuttles available every 20 minutes that mean you won’t miss the thing you want to get to real quick. And the different food outlets which serve various types of meals.It is entertainment galore.Add to that we had dinner with Femi Kuti.

L to RDiana Kaluhi, Mohammed (both Kenya) and Sissie Yemi (Nigeria) before the Seway: PIC: Alex Zezururocksta Muringani for #3mob

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